N / S

The poems of N / S (to be understood as North / South, Nord / Sud or, why not, North / Sud, Nord / South) are octets written by two hands.

Four verses in French and four verses in English which aren't just side by side but also use the 70 possible arrangements of verse ordering in such a case.

Let a be an English verse and f a French verse: we have a first poem aaaaffff, then a second one aaafafff, etc.

The first poet writes his four verses, leaving four blank lines which the second poet fills to complete the poem.

The authors have composed 70 poems from which numbers 19 to 40 are reprinted here.

These 21 octets come with their mirror translations, English becoming French and reciprocally.

Originally published in July 2004 by Revue To #1, p28-37.


Text Copyright 2004 by Frédéric Forte & Ian Monk.

Photographs and design copyright 2004 by Rémi Gérard-Marchant.

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