music by Roddy Schrock Roddy Schrock is an experimental sound artist who digitally mines the sounds of the everyday for the profound, and the glitzy rough edges of pop music for its articulate immediacy. He has lived and worked in Tokyo, Rotterdam, New York, and San Francisco, with performances in the Czech Republic, Holland, Japan, and North America.

graphics by Rémi Gérard-Marchant Rémi Gérard-Marchant is a graphic designer, currently living in Paris after four years in London. Working as The Mittens Brigade, he tries to have many fingers in many technological and media pies. He recently designed Toog's album "Lou Etendue" and the first issue of the bilingual poetry magazine "To".

font by Ray Larabie On "Seconds of Salvation", Rémi used "Failed Attempt", a font created by Ray Larabie. In 1996 Ray, a videogame art director, began creating freeware fonts for Larabie Fonts. In the autumn of 2001, over 400 fonts later, he quit the freeware scene and started the Typodermic foundry.


S o S = ? In "Seconds of Salvation" Roddy finds the underlying essence of musical redemption in various songs about hope and higher powers from different cultures and ideologies by first hacking those tunes to microscopic bleeps, next rearranging the shards, then fusing them into a new inorganic whole and finally realigning the synthetic and the natural.

The video of "Seconds of Salvation" was created for Roddy's performance at The Lab in San Francisco on December 9, 2004, during an event called "Between Heaven and Earth".
Rémi designed it as part of a visual experimentation : one 'giant' screen and several smaller ones, each showing the same video at the same time. To question further the word 'salvation', the projection takes a different meaning depending on the 'actual' size. The viewer is thus allowed to choose which perspective he sees, and to adjust his own right distance to the images he's fed (up?) with.

"Seconds of Salvation" is the first release of the Kogumero collective, whose founding members are Roddy, Rémi, and French recontextualiser Digiki.

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external information The music of "Seconds of Salvation" is owned by Roddy Schrock and the video by Rémi Gérard-Marchant (San Francisco, Paris, 2004). They are released under the Creative Commons "Attribution- NonCommercial- ShareAlike 2.0" license.

The PAL DVD-R edition of "Seconds of Salvation" contains a bonus dvd-rom section. It includes a high quality soundfile (aiff), ready to be transformed to mp3 at your convenience under the CC license, and a 320x240px "hinted" QuickTime movie file, ready for internet streaming.

"Seconds of Salvation" has been selected for the non-competition section of EXIS2005, an experimental film and video festival in Seoul (7-13/09/2005). Korean webpage of the movie here.

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